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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

8 Summer Hair Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy in 2011

Are you apart of that jet-setter crew, looking to spend the summer soaking up the sun, free of hair drama?  Or maybe you want something nice and easy to manage while it's hot?  

Check out my 8 tips to keep your hair looking fly and protected this summer.
(I would like to thank the lovely Brownstone Magazine for featuring me on their website!)


1. Braid it up: Give your hair a break from mechanical and chemical damage during the summer by experimenting with braid and twist styles, with or without extensions.
2. Set your hair for a new look: You want to take a break from chemical and heat application in the summer when your hair is exposed to dryer temperatures. Try braiding or twisting the hair to give it a wave or crimp. Is your hair relaxed or straight? Set your hair with a light setting foam to give your straight hair some volume, texture and flavor.
3. Protect your hair before you swim: Coat you strands with conditioner before diving into that chlorine filled pool or salt water ocean. It’s better to fill your hair strands with proteins and moisturizers than water, especially if your hair is chemically processed with color. Chlorine and salt can change the color of your hair and cause it to become excessively dry and susceptible to breakage.
4. Opt for products with silicones: Hair tends to be more moisture deprived in the summer. Silicones are great for sealing moisture into hair strands.
5. Protect your hair from the sun: If you know you’ll be in the sun and don’t have a hair cover up use products that have SPF protection in them. These products are often labeled as heat protectants or contain a glycerin (which is a natural sunscreen). This will give your hair extra protection from the sun.
6. Switch your shampoo: During the summer months use more moisturizing or light shampoos. In hotter climates the key word is MOISTURE. Make sure you are using products that will give your strands more moisture and cleanse the hair more gently so sun exposed strands won’t dry out.
7. Deep condition more often: Make sure you are using deep conditioners for your hair to restore proteins to your strands for strength and to replenish moisture. Deep conditioning requires using a plastic wrap or a plastic cap to allow the conditioner to penetrate your hair strands.
8. Give hair moisture from the inside out: Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking more water. The water you consume will benefit your hair from the inside out.

This is Dr. Kari... make it a great summer. Stay healthy and fly!