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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Natural Hair Theory

 I love watching The View with my clients and stylists in my salon.  It always fosters some heated or intense discussion.  I saw this video (again) while browsing the internet and decided to post it to my blog!  What are your thoughts on the discussion? 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Loc Virgin

I decided to write this blog after receiving quite a couple of questions and concerns about starting locs, maintaining locs or even the difference between the two main techniques used to start locs.  My advice, before anything, is YOU HAVE TO BE READY TO LOC!!!

I understand there are various purposes as to why some individuals loc their hair.  Some reasons may be religious, but in the case of wanting to simply transform your hair and wear it in locs, I’ve provided some help for the loc virgins out there. 

The traditional form of loc’ing the hair is a technique known as twisting or palm rolling. After your being the palm rolling process, your stylist should instruct you to not wash your hair for about 3-4 months.  However, another technique catching the eye of many loc virgins is the interlocking method.  You don't have to go through the long 4 month process of a dirty scalp. 

Interlocking utilizes a tool.  A lot of people use a crochet hook but I do not promote this because it tends to snag, pull and rip your hair.  But there are loc tools available for purchase (just ask me and I'll be sure to point you in the right direction).  The loc tool interlocks the hair counter clockwise.  Why? Your normal curl pattern is clockwise. So, loc'ing your hair counter clockwise will stop your hair from curling and unraveling. 

Here are 3 important reasons why I prefer the interlocking method and use it on my own locs:

1. Cleanliness is next to happiness (for your hair).  It is important for your locs to be clean and wearable for both men and women.   KEEP IT CLEAN.  It is important that your hair remains clean because as it beings to loc, all the dirt and debris that accumulates will stay in your hair.  I believe in clean hair and a clean scalp.  If you loc your hair today, using the interlocking method, you can wash your hair the same day. 

2. The interlocking process keeps each lock strong and reinforces the loc to the scalp.  As locs grow out and get heavier they will not unravel at the ends.  With the Palm rolling process, hair can become weak at the base. For example: think about a paper clip - if you keep twisting a paperclip in the same direction long enough, you'll be able to break that paper clip into two. 

3.  Time is money, honey! You don't have to come into the salon as frequently! You seek the ultimate freedom with your locs, right? Well, palm rolling requires you to come in frequently to continue to allow your locks to progress into a tight role.

If you’re beginning for the first time, the interlocking process is definitely encouraged by myself and many other loc stylist and experts. 

Also, it is important to know that every loc process is different.  On average, it takes 6 months to a year for a loc to mature.  however, it really depends on your curl pattern.  

Corse hair: hair locs faster.
Loose hair: hair takes longer to loc.  --- it's vital that this person uses the interlocking method.  

Ultimately, locking is a process and interlocking is the best technique to use if you are considering.  

I cannot stress that you have to be ready to loc.  If you're concernd about how to take out your locs, versatility, styling, and not being able to wear your hear in an afro or pressed, I believe you are not ready.   

Nevertheless, loc'ing is a wonderful experience.  I am currently on my second set of locs and for everyone who wants to try it out, I encourage you to go for it! Experience a new you in 2011.

Is your hair happy?

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Your Hair is Beautiful

Hey Everyone, 

I came across this video from a friend of a friend about her friend! I know, sounds confusing but there are only 3 degrees of separation between myself and the news reporter who went natural on TV. Check out the video.  There are some other stories in it that will "WOW" you. They are truly inspirational and send a deep message! You are beautiful in every single way, even with your natural hair.

When Rochelle Ritchie started her TV career as a news reporter, she was TOLD she needed to get extensions/weaves. When she did, she became more successful.  This video is a hair journey for Rochelle Ritchie, WPBTV News Reporter (West Palm Beach, FL).  Her decision to go "Natural" on television was a perfect opportunity to show all women that our natural hair is not only gorgeous and attractive but also acceptable in Corporate America. I'm excited for Rochelle Ritchie and her new journey with her short and natural hair cut. She had a lot of courage to abandon a image that was expected of her and had created a stepping stone for her in her career.  The result, she's even more radiant and successful.  

I'll leave you with this... Your hair is your hair. Your hair is beautiful. What ever you do to it is your choice but just know that some styles are more detrimental on your hair and scalp than others. So, LOVE YOUR HAIR! 

Have a good day!   

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So, Essence just released their Hot Hair Special Issue magazine and I think it is great.  Not only do they profile sistahs rocking their styles straight, natural and/or in a cute a-symmetrical buzzed cut, but they also give great advice on how to care for your hair.  

Essence.com says, "In its first issue dedicated to hair, ESSENCE highlights the unique relationship between African-American women and their hair with the launch of HOT HAIR, an interactive experience covering all things hair -- from root to tip. This special issue covers all of the beauty needs, questions, concerns and triumphs of African-American hair care and style..."

WOW! I definitely encourage all of my sistah's to check out this special issue! There's no doubt that our hair is a focal point and it's up to us to keep it happy and healthy.  Hopefully, from here, good, high quality magazines with hair care information will continue to be produced.  Although it is really great to see magazines celebrate the versitility of our hair... it would be great to have a natural hair magazine that is completely filled with natural styles and natural hair care advice... but that's just me.  :-

Nevertheless, the hairstyles are beautiful and inspirational and I hope you all go and check out this truly special issue.  

Check out these hot videos covering the Magazine issue from Essence featuring Monica and Goapele!
Click here Essence Magazine's Hair Anniversary - KickMag.net

Have a HAPPY HAIR day!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are we (women) really rewriting the rules on hair?

Good day! 

NY Times Article:
Black women rewriting the rules on hairstyles - NY TIMES

A friend of mine shared this NY Times article with me last week.  However, with my busy schedule, I'm just finding time to read it and I can say I appreciate the article.  I want to hear what you think? 

Some great quotes that I picked up from the article include:

"You can look great without having hair down to your [rear end], and you really get to see another side of beauty."

"Stephen says that it's ultimately about wearing any style that makes you happy. 'People used to wear their hair a certain way because they had to. Now they wear their hair a certain way because they want to. I'm really all about what's fun…. My hair could be short this week and long the next.'"

"Once you're happy on the inside, it shows on the outside as well." 

I would LOVE to hear your comments.  

~Remember, Happy Hair starts with you, not your hairstyle! 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kitchen Beautician, Magician, poof ... Your hair is gone!

So, I saw a commercial from Organic Roots Stimulator (side note: I love some of their products and as a matter of fact, at Mahogany Hair Revolution, we use their lock and twist gel). One thing I cannot agree with are these at home relaxers (the “Kitchen Beautician” commercial). 
So, Organic Root Stimulator has this commercial for their line of at-home relaxers.  This relaxer promises to make your hair smoother, fuller, more manageable, strong and give your hair moisture.  I, for one, feel that’s an oxymoron. But moving right a long, the lady says, “...If i’m going to play kitchen beautician, my hair has to work.”  I understand it is a playful term but it is in the kitchen (at home) that a lot of our hair problems begin.   

As a tricologist, I have met with more and more clients, on a daily basis, suffering from increased hair loss due to the application and consistent application of chemicals.  Other causes of hair loss I have noticed include over processed hair due to heat styling: hot combs, flat irons and blow-dryers.  

To encourage this is not my “forté.”

As a licensed cosmetologist as well, I know that when it comes to relaxers, licensed cosmetologist have to complete 1600 hours of study on safety and the application of chemicals such as relaxers on clients.  Then, they take a state board exam with a practical and written portion to demonstrate their understanding of hair chemistry and proper application of chemicals. 
So, ... If you’re not trained, it’s dangerous.  It is a recipe for disaster and too much room for error.

We need to get away from practicing things in our “kitchen” that a professional should be doing. 

Let me paint you a picture. 

We set up appointments with the dentist to get our teeth whitened.  The Dentist uses a product called Zoom.   As you know, you can do the whitening process at home with a leading brand of “white strips.”  However, if there is anything used to touch up and maintain your bright white smile, Dentists will be the one to offer it.  Let me put it this way; Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth under the supervision of a dentist is the most safe and effective way to get a bright smile. (www.zoomnow.com).  Yes, it is a higher price when you decide to let professionals (trained and tested) whiten your teeth (or chemically straighten your hair), but what price are you willing to pay?  There are professionals in place in certain industries for a reason.  It’s time we start doing our research and find the licensed cosmetologists that we can trust.  It’s a much higher price when you decide to take your hair into your own hands (especially with the use of chemicals).

I must admit, the women in the commercial had gorgeous, shiny hair, but I guarantee you they did not do their hair at home and/or on their own.  

Please, pay the price to go to someone who you trust and who can maintain your healthy, happy hair properly. 

What do you think about the commercial?  Click below (and let me know your thoughts). 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brazilian Blowout? 2 thumbs down!

I must vent!  Hairstyles and hair care products are receiving more and more attention today than ever before.  With many women “rewriting the rules on hairstyles,” there is one rule that I will not adhere to and that is the Brazilian Blowout. 

Although you may have recently heard about the Brazilian Blowout, it has been around for years and recently gained popularity in 2007.  And because I love to exercise my brain and become acquainted with all things hair related, a friend of mine shared an article with me from the NY Times,“A Safety Kink in Hair Relaxing.” This article raises a lot of concerns and I’m wondering what you have to say about it as well.  Here are my thoughts.....

The Brazilian Blowout claims to straighten hair and reduce frizz for months at a time.  This raises a lot of concerns, even more than kitchen beautician perms (but I’ll save that for another blog ::wink::). When the product first appeared on scene, it was scrutinized for its levels of formaldehyde (Click Here For Information on Formaldehyde).  Then, other companies came up with a formaldehyde free Brazilian Blowout. I began to receive emails and calls about my opinion on the treatment.  This prompted me to do some research and talk to other experts about the product.  

From my general understanding and the physiological aspects of hair, there are chemical bonds in the hair that determine the curl pattern of a hair strand. So, in my mind, there was no logical thought to suggest you can use a product that will temporarily straighten your hair for an extended amount of time without breaking the chemical bonds naturally found in your hair strand. 

If you know me, you can only imagine my thought process.  I kept arguing… there is something chemically happening in this process. 
This NY article says that a lot of companies are now claiming low levels of formaldehyde in the product (as if that is supposed to relieve the anxiety of those concerned).Why should I not be concerned about a product that causes stylist and clients to suffer from nose bleeds; a product where an extreme amount of ventilation (beyond your normal hair salon) is required; a product where masks are being given to stylist and clients.  We’re doing hair here, people!  We’re not in science class formulating our next concoction for the science fair. The article referred to the "solution" as a chemical...hmmm chemical huh? Doesn't sound natural to me. There is nothing natural about having to wear a gas mask for protection from the fumes of a product while getting your hair styled.

There are some salons that receive 2 thumbs up from me in maintaining their integrity to no longer offer this treatment.  However, there are others who will not stop. Regardless of the concerns, these salons and/or stylists are refusing to stop because it is the most profitable source of income.  

This leads me to my next issue.  What price are we willing to pay for gorgeous hair and beauty?  Are we willing to risk our health for beauty? I question the integrity of stylists who perform this treatment.  Is the money that they receive more important than the health and safety of their client?  Is not that the reason why we are licensed stylists?  Because we have been trained and tested to look out for the health and safety of clients. We need to address this and hold some salons accountable for their work, health and safety measures!

If you couldn’t tell by now, I do not support Brazilian blowouts. 

Is this panic mode?  I'm not saying panic but there should be full disclosure and regulation for the products in the hair industry. In addition, we have conflicting ideologies of beauty circulating in our culture right now. On one hand we are telling our little girls to love their hair and whip it back and forth and then we have the adults, the women who these young girls are looking at chasing this super straight silky hair.  What is it going to be, beauty at any cost or learning to love your hair without your health being jeopardized?

I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Black Is Beautiful Debut (Nov. 4th)

Fresh News:

So, as some of you know, I was featured on the BET show "My Black Is Beautiful" in early October. I had a wonderful time on set and the producers of the show are amazing.  But now, the time is coming up and I'm preparing for the viewing party on Nov. 4th.  I cannot wait to see the episode.  Will you be watching with me? Say yes! 

Sesame Street: I Love My Hair

Hey everyone,

I'm sure you all are completely enthralled by the Sesame Street "I love my hair" song and video.  I know, I can't say it enough, but I LOVE it too.  What if this was around for us when we were much younger?  Nevertheless, it's a very important message to our daughters (young and grown).   Check it out, if you have not seen the clip.  Leave a comment and let's start a positive discussion about our HAIR!
I LOVE MY HAIR - Sesame Street

Also, I researched the man who wrote the song! Check out his reason for writing the song. It's inspiring.
CNN article

~**~Loved Hair is Happy Hair!