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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Your Hair is Beautiful

Hey Everyone, 

I came across this video from a friend of a friend about her friend! I know, sounds confusing but there are only 3 degrees of separation between myself and the news reporter who went natural on TV. Check out the video.  There are some other stories in it that will "WOW" you. They are truly inspirational and send a deep message! You are beautiful in every single way, even with your natural hair.

When Rochelle Ritchie started her TV career as a news reporter, she was TOLD she needed to get extensions/weaves. When she did, she became more successful.  This video is a hair journey for Rochelle Ritchie, WPBTV News Reporter (West Palm Beach, FL).  Her decision to go "Natural" on television was a perfect opportunity to show all women that our natural hair is not only gorgeous and attractive but also acceptable in Corporate America. I'm excited for Rochelle Ritchie and her new journey with her short and natural hair cut. She had a lot of courage to abandon a image that was expected of her and had created a stepping stone for her in her career.  The result, she's even more radiant and successful.  

I'll leave you with this... Your hair is your hair. Your hair is beautiful. What ever you do to it is your choice but just know that some styles are more detrimental on your hair and scalp than others. So, LOVE YOUR HAIR! 

Have a good day!   


  1. wow! I had tears when I heard the little baby say "I love my natural" I wish everyone could see this piece. They should run it on a loop everywhere you go. Fantastic, thank you thank you thank you for this post!

  2. I actually cried when I saw this video. It was so heart felt to see that little girls pride shine through and her mother wow what an awesome show of love for your child. I just recently decided to go natural myself...and had to cut my hair very short to get rid of the perm I have had in my hair for over 30 years!! And I absolutely love it!! I don't feel any less beautiful.

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  4. I'm glad you both loved the video. It touched my heart also. Spread the word, "I love my natural hair!"