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Monday, November 15, 2010

Kitchen Beautician, Magician, poof ... Your hair is gone!

So, I saw a commercial from Organic Roots Stimulator (side note: I love some of their products and as a matter of fact, at Mahogany Hair Revolution, we use their lock and twist gel). One thing I cannot agree with are these at home relaxers (the “Kitchen Beautician” commercial). 
So, Organic Root Stimulator has this commercial for their line of at-home relaxers.  This relaxer promises to make your hair smoother, fuller, more manageable, strong and give your hair moisture.  I, for one, feel that’s an oxymoron. But moving right a long, the lady says, “...If i’m going to play kitchen beautician, my hair has to work.”  I understand it is a playful term but it is in the kitchen (at home) that a lot of our hair problems begin.   

As a tricologist, I have met with more and more clients, on a daily basis, suffering from increased hair loss due to the application and consistent application of chemicals.  Other causes of hair loss I have noticed include over processed hair due to heat styling: hot combs, flat irons and blow-dryers.  

To encourage this is not my “forté.”

As a licensed cosmetologist as well, I know that when it comes to relaxers, licensed cosmetologist have to complete 1600 hours of study on safety and the application of chemicals such as relaxers on clients.  Then, they take a state board exam with a practical and written portion to demonstrate their understanding of hair chemistry and proper application of chemicals. 
So, ... If you’re not trained, it’s dangerous.  It is a recipe for disaster and too much room for error.

We need to get away from practicing things in our “kitchen” that a professional should be doing. 

Let me paint you a picture. 

We set up appointments with the dentist to get our teeth whitened.  The Dentist uses a product called Zoom.   As you know, you can do the whitening process at home with a leading brand of “white strips.”  However, if there is anything used to touch up and maintain your bright white smile, Dentists will be the one to offer it.  Let me put it this way; Extensive research and clinical studies indicate that whitening teeth under the supervision of a dentist is the most safe and effective way to get a bright smile. (www.zoomnow.com).  Yes, it is a higher price when you decide to let professionals (trained and tested) whiten your teeth (or chemically straighten your hair), but what price are you willing to pay?  There are professionals in place in certain industries for a reason.  It’s time we start doing our research and find the licensed cosmetologists that we can trust.  It’s a much higher price when you decide to take your hair into your own hands (especially with the use of chemicals).

I must admit, the women in the commercial had gorgeous, shiny hair, but I guarantee you they did not do their hair at home and/or on their own.  

Please, pay the price to go to someone who you trust and who can maintain your healthy, happy hair properly. 

What do you think about the commercial?  Click below (and let me know your thoughts). 

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  1. is it possible that your hair can actually get THICKER during the chemical process of straightening your hair? I thought the chemicals relax your hair and slowly remove your curl pattern. I remember my hair was thick growing up and when I started perming it, it was thinner. Now that I wear it natural, it's thick again!

    Nevertheless, great discussion! Kitchen Beautician, Magician, poof... Your hair is gone! LOL