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Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't Let Your Hair Make You Fat!!!

Hey readers!

Have you ever thought about getting in a good cardio exercise at the gym and quickly remembered you just got your hair done 2 days ago?  You might have said, "It's too soon to sweat out my fresh press."

Or maybe you plan your workout schedule around your hair style?  "Let's see, I get my hair done on Friday so I won't work out until the following Friday."

You're not alone.

I decided to write this blog because often times we (as black women) let our hair affect certain aspects of our  healthy lifestyle.

With an increasing number of diabetes and hypertension, it is imperitive that we exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Choosing a hairstyle like a weave can allow you to become more active. However, you still have to style, curl and keep your weave looking fresh.  Especially if it is not a full head weave.  Even with weaves, cleaning your scalp can become a daunting task.  When you exercise, you sweat in your hair and if you are not cleansing your scalp throughly it can lead to various scalp issues.

So what do you do? Do you get a weave so you can work out more often? Do you stop working out completely?  Do you choose to work out once every 2 weeks (the day before you get your hair done)?

My simple suggestion is, don't let your hair make you overweight.  Choose a hairstyle that works for all aspects of your life.

I want to hear your thoughts!

I know it is hard to find that balance for some individuals.  Choosing a style that will help you work out will often times cause you to lean towards natural hair styles (locs, twists, braids, afros, etc.).

How do you find balance?

What do you do to maintain your healthy lifestyle while keeping those beautiful tresses pretty and free?

As we are nearing Valentine's Day and stuffing our faces with sugar filled treats :-),   I encourage all women to choose a hairstyle that will allow them the freedom to work out and get active while still feeling comfortable and beautiful during the day at work.

Remember, happy is the hair that is loved!


  1. Sweet! I love this blog! We all need to know! I choose to wear my hair cornrowed to the back and wear wigs when I want any other look. I run, bike, swim, and many other sports in my sexy sleek cornrows and when I want to "Whip my Hair" I just go to the store and pick a style!

    I also love wearing my full Afro! At least once a month I gotta let MY hair flow free and try some other fun Natural styles! Thanks for your blog!

    Your healthy lifestyle coach,

    Koya Webb

  2. Well said Koya! I support wigs, they are often times a better option for women who have scalp disorders or hair loss (we'll save that for another entry). Healthy hair and a healthy lifestyle lead to a happier you!

  3. I don't know...it's tough...it's actually the reason i went completely "natural"...a press gets in the way (although i'll do it) of the workout...so i became comfortable with wearing styles that don't require modification of my hair's natural curl pattern... my exercise regimen has taken priority; but my hair has not had to sacrifice because of it!

  4. Hello Dr Kari -
    I love this article! The main reason I went natural 4 years ago was to work in aquatics and encourage other african americans to do the same. I now run my own aquatic fitness company and provide swim lessons, aqua aerobics and water rehabilitation. I have clients who have released weight and improved their healt.! Naturally healthy from top to bottom!

    Yours in Aquatic Fitness and Joy,

    Melanie Sparks