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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Incredible Interchangeable Loc

Locs are so wonderful and are becoming more popular and acceptable as a wearable style. Grooming techniques are being perfected and unimaginable styles are created with locs by Loc-ticians everywhere. Often times women will shy away from the option of loc-ing their hair because of the belief that styling locs is limited and they are permanent. I have been growing my second set of locs for 3 years and as a hairstylist I love changing my hair. I style my locs in every way someone with loose hair can style their hair; from mohawks, side sweeps, and a variety of up-dos. Now I must admit, I do have the occasional itch to wear an afro. Especially when I see someone else with one. I have a moment of nostalgia, taking me back to the days when I wore my big hair.

Well, problem solved....afro weave on top of the locs. 

After wearing this style a total of 3 days the desire dissipated and I was quickly reminded of the work that comes with wearing big hair. But the temporary hair style gave me the best of both worlds. I could relive the afro for a moment and go back to my locs in no time.

Double strand twists is another hair specialty of mine, so when my mouth started to water for that look, I made it happen. I did it myself but after 2 days of diligently working between clients I made it happen. 

Loc'ing is a journey and if you are simultaneously considering locs but also planning how to get rid of them when you are tired of the style, you might not be completely ready for the commitment. To develop a mature loc can take about 1 year depending on you curl pattern and hair texture. Loc'ing requires a lot of patience because the hair will go through different phases. If I had my way I would give everyone locs, but it is important that I share with you that there is an exit strategy. If you are wearing locs but ready for a change, you can cut the locs off and wear a short natural, cut the locs after allowing your hair to grow a few inches so that you have enough hair to style or attach extensions or comb your locs out (if you have the time and patience).

With that said, I have to share an incredible story with you. A client of mine was excited and ready to start her locs with me. 2 years into her loc'ing process she received the news that she had to get brain surgery because of a diseased she had, called Moya-Moya, which caused her to have frequent strokes. Her first concern, "Will I have to cut off my locs?!" I put her concerns at ease with the guarantee she didnt and that I could reattach the locs we did have to cut.

We had to cut her locs prior to her surgery where the doctor anticipated making the incisions...turned out on the day of her surgery they told her the wrong location of the incisions and had to cut more locs. Her only request "Save my locs, my stylist is going to re-attach them." no one believed her but the pictures are evidence of the miracle of God through me and the doctors. 
 Tammi (Before)

 Cutting her locs


 attaching her locs (after the surgery)

 They're attached...

Happy Client, Happy Stylist, Happy Hair...

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  1. That's so cool that you were able to save her locs for her!