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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Naturally Natural Tresses

So, I had a conversation with some friends about what it means to wear your hair "natural."  

I find it fascinating that there are multiple definitions of "natural" when it pertains to black women and our hair.  What is natural? Well, you know me! I took it all the way to Dictionary.com and looked up the definition (all 30 definitions) of natural.  One definition said, "not tinted or colored, undied.  Another said, "not treated, tanned, refined but original in its raw state."

... but really, what is natural hair?  What does it mean to wear your hair natural?
Some women who do not use chemicals or relaxers to straighten their hair consider their hair natural.  
Other women who only use hot combs to straighten their hair consider their hair natural as well.  
Then there are the group of women who consider their hair to be in its natural state when their natural curl pattern has not been altered.  

Say we take the last group of women with unaltered curl patterns and no chemicals in their hair.  If we add extensions for braiding, twisting or weaving, is their hair still natural? 

The list of questions can go on and on but one thing is for sure (in my opinion)...


We're all aware of this Natural Hair Revolution that is taking place.  It is referring to the curl pattern you were born with.  It is not altered by heat or chemicals. We see this in the "natural styles" that more and more women are wearing today: this incorporates the use of hair textures synthetic or human to enhance your natural curl pattern.  Some examples: kinky syntheic or human hair when double strand twisting your hair or braiding your hair. 

These are just my thoughts on natural hair and what I believe "natural" hair means. 

How do you define natural hair? 

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